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Chlorine abundances measured in stars


Phosphorus abundances in FGK stars


Graduate Instructor of Record for A107: Art of Astronomy

Indiana University May - June 2017

I co-taught introductory astronomy class with an enrolment of 45 students as instructor of record. Course title was A107: The Art of Astronomy and we instructed on the science behind popular astronomical images. We developed activities for the online class including labs with Adobe Photoshop and Stellarium software, wrote quizzes, and created the syllabus.

Associate Instructor

Indiana University Various Semesters

Developed online course activities and materials, guest lectured, led discussion sections of 10-20 students, set-up and led student rooftop observing sessions and solar labs.


  • zmaas [at]
  • 812-855-6918
  • Astronomy Department, Swain West \ 727 East 3rd Street \ Bloomington IN, 47405